Sunday, September 8, 2013

08Sep13: 10 months later....

Wow, it's been way too long since I've posted in my blog... as before, this is a personal blog about a personal [fitness] journey.  That said, it's evolved into a journey about fitness, happiness, clarity, and dominating said journey.  It's becoming more and more multi-faceted as I learn more and more about me, what I truly want, and what I believe I want to give back into the world.  No, no, this is not a sob-story drama-fest, just me, learning and celebrating.

So! Lots of races to catch-up on!  I've graduated to marathons as of 21Jan13!  As any runner will confess, there was no need to look up that date, even months later - you simply do not forget your first marathon ;)  I'm getting ready to run my 6th marathon on 21Sep13 - and we are aiming for a BQ time which has me scared witless.  The hamstrings were doing great all summer and then as of last weekend they have begun to seize up on me which has me terribly concerned.  Even at PT this past week I had two charlie horses mid-sesh, very uncool.  Then again yesterday out on the roads - again, very uncool.

So, with the latest piece in my arsenal (a.k.a. tool kit), the Roll Recovery R8 which is AWEsome (insert cherubs singing) - and bumping up the potassium intake... hold-on, let me grab some more coconut water here... we are on a mission with 13 days left to make the hammies happy and the race one to never forget.  (Of course, they are all unforgettable, yah?)

I'll update the races soon, but a quick snap-shot of what remains for 2013 on this runner girl's calendar:
1. 21Sep13 Air Force Marathon
2. 05Oct13 Rock/Creek StumpJump (11mi trail race)
3. 26Oct13 Greensboro Marathon
4. 16Nov13 ThunderRoad Marathon
5. 28Nov13 Gallop & Gorge (8K)
6. 07Dec13 St. Jude Memphis Marathon

Almost feel like I need a second one in December... so perhaps a local 5K on or near Christmas - it'll depend on work, travel, and then there's the fact I want to make sure I'm getting out and about around the holidays... that's another story for another time, over protein shakes at the gym...

Until I get the race updates out there, here's a little fun exercise that I enjoy reading about on others' posts, so here we go: 20 random facts...
1. I was born in Ohio, grew up in northern Maine
2. Was once a zookeeper
3. My favorite color changes all the time, currently it's green
4. Was once a veterinary technician assistant
5. My favorite season of the year is the fall
6. I miss the backwoods of Maine
7. I am a toxicologist who ensures the produce you eat is healthy & safe
8. I enjoy painting, but only abstract
9. I confess, I am a 'scrapbooker'
10. I'm the second of two children, my big brother is the best mentor and role model a kid sis could ever hope for
11. I plan all vacations around racing events #runcations
12. I am a trail runner
13. I am a road runner
14. I am a hamster wheel runner
15. Currently reading 'Running with the mind of meditation' ~Sakyong Mipham
16. Favorite band of all time is 311 #NixHex
17. I log every single training session I do, good and bad
18. I'm horrible at phone correspondence
19. I love experimenting without recipes in the kitchen
20. I have hazel eyes that have been very very green or very very blue lately

I could probably go on, but that's just a little insight into this runner.  Hope this finds my friends running well, injury-free, and enjoying your journeys!  There are good runs, there are less than stellar runs, but as long as we are able to do what we enjoy - that is the added happiness we can add to our lives.  So until I get my act together and this blog back up and running, please 'just keep on running' my friends.  It may not be running your fastest mile or longest distance, it may be your fastest mile in the ocean or max set on the bench, or another percentage drop in BF%, or that promotion at work... or... whatever it is, keep testing yourself.  You'll be amazed at what you find.

Just Keep On Running after your dreams,
the B.O.M.B. to you all,

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