Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Mileage: 154.62

Wow, that is the most mileage I have ever recorded for any given month of my entire life.  For many runners, this is nothing, nothing more than 10-12 days worth of their monthly efforts.  For others, like me, this is a break-through, a revelation that I can in fact give more than I have been giving myself up until now.

Now grant it, I have also started working with a running coach, Justin Gillette, who continues to test my limits and, well, obviously it's working.  (He's awesome!!!)  This next observation is not all that amazing, but it is an eye-opener for some - that when you are held accountable for your actions and progress, the game changes.  A lot.  If you don't feel like training for a day - only you know... but when you post your efforts and let fellow fitness enthusiasts know what you're up to - it is a great motivation to stay true to your word.

So that's it for today, just excited that I can run over 40 miles a week, make that 40-mile injury-free weeks at that!  I'm not blind to the fact I have a lot more work ahead of me for that first marathon in January 2013.  However, the stepping stones on that path are starting to take shape and soon, more of them will be laid down - the kind of path that can never be taken away from you - it will always be there.  So cherish this journey, it's yours and yours alone to enjoy.

Here's a snapshot from this past Sunday's trail run:

"Let yourself get wrapped up in the moment"

Until the next post - just keep on working towards your goals and dreams, and of course - just keep on running!

the BOMB to you,

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