Sunday, July 29, 2012

I cheated... I'm so pissed at myself right now - I've been doing so well with the nutrition plan changes and the training for my running, but this weekend, I ate so many carbs that I feel like my stomach will literally burst - and it's been hours since I gorged on all the crappy food!  It's easy to say hey, no worries, you'll run that off this week and be back in no time.  However, we know better.  The inches on the tape measure don't lie, the body fat percents don't lie, the mental anguish will not relent, and all you can blame is yourself.  You and the decision you  made to eat that french toast, that extra piece of english muffin, one too many spoons of almond butter... not in that order nor all at once - but still - it was all off the nutrition plan and for that, I am extremely mad with myself.

The hardest part will be letting my nutritionist know that I fell off the plan - I'm walking in to week 11 and I failed!  I'm at least glad that I'm angry - and pisses enough to write about it.  I think, in my personal opinion, you need to fess up and be open and honest about this sort of thing (everything, but that's another post).  I am accountable for me actions - and now I must pay the price for this undisciplined failure I've created.

So yes, I'm still making progress, but I also know that I would be even further along if I didn't give in to such fruitless temptations (no pun intended).

Right, besides that and besides my last posting in June - there have been two more races!  First was the 'Four on the Fourth' in Carrboro, NC in which the husband decided last minute to join me (keep in mind he is not a runner, but a cyclist).  So we ran the same race, ...and we met up afterwards ;)

I was pretty happy with this race actually, I still felt strong at the end of the course and was able to 'kick it' at the end.  Okay, I'm not like what it says on my shirt, but I felt strong and that's a good start!

Then, again, the husband decided last minute to join me for the second July race 'Yellow Brick Road Race' which was a 5 miler in Roxboro, NC.  I was being a bit rude (okay, very crass) when I promised myself I would beat his butt on that course by a good 10:00... I train train train and he decides to go from couch to 5 miles in 24 hours - and does pretty darn well - yep, I'm petty like that.  Well, I beat him by 9:53, so like I said - he still does well for an occasional runner!!!

So now... I've picked up on my trail running again (my first love affair with running - just a random tidbit of FYI trivia that will never be useful to any reader ;)  Why?  Why the trails again?  Besides the fact you need to be completely immersed in the moment to avoid casualties, and it requires focus like no other's business, it brings me back to my Maine woods that I miss dearly.  Yep, take a girl out of the county (y'see, up in Maine, now, 'the county' is Aroostook County because it's the largest county in the state of Maine - again, trivia you can safely tuck away and forget about).

It is also a completely different kind of running for me - it's about the zen for me.  I picture a stream of water just in front of me and I go where it would go - the path of least resistance.  That's easy on a downhill you say - I know - it's awesome to image this going up the hills too - now that is an awesome mind experience.  Which is probably why I get lost in the moment - a lot!

Okay, so I'm still massively pissed about gorging on the carbs this weekend.  Which is all the more reason why there shall be no cryin' at the gym tomorrow morning, no excuses about anything, heavier weights where they are needed, harder paces on the interval training sessions, due diligence in the kitchen, and a will that is strong enough to fight back against the iron.  Now that is something else I could write all day about - how I love iron.  It never lies to you, it tells you exactly where you are on your own scale of progress, and what you are capable of accomplishing.

In the meantime, the next race is next Saturday!  The summer edition of #TwitterRoadRace !  If you haven't done the first two, no worries - it's fun, it's easy to register and complete - and you get to virtually compete with fellow runners around the globe!  Check it out!  After that, it is the August 18th Springmaid Splash 10K Trail Race in Spruce Pine, NC (Springmaid Mountain).  Stay tuned!!!

Until then, stay focused!  Don't fall and fail like I did this weekend!  It will pay off, don't let the temptations sway you!  Please, please, please, don't give in like I did!  It will hurt you more mentally than you think is manageable... and above all, no matter how slow or short, fast or far - just keep on running my friends!

the Best Of My Best (BOMB) to you!

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