Sunday, June 17, 2012

The next phase of my fitness journey... it has already begun...

Strength, Cardio, & Nutrition

Yep, we all read and learn about it, there IS a perfect trifecta to overall fitness, health and happiness.  What, you think it's a magic pill that costs $2.50 per pill, at 3 pills per dose, 2 times a day?  Oh, you can buy those pills, but there's a cheaper way to achieve this trifecta and your personal health/fitness goals.

No, I'm not a genius, I just read, listen to professionals, heed their advice, and in turn, have learned more and more about myself through this journey.  Once you find a gift, once you figure something out - share it!  Don't keep that gift, give it away as soon as you can!  I say this b/c  will enjoy the gift even more than you thought imaginable.

Okay, okay, so we all already know this trifecta: strength training, cardio, and nutrition.

Aw, come on, that's it?  I thought she would have something more wisdom-laden than this... well, facts are facts and results demonstrate truth.  What I mean is, I started working with a nutritionist (Dennis Cejas) 4 weeks ago now and I've lost more body weight and percent body fat through continuing a similar strength training and cardio/running program and simply changing what I eat, when I eat it, and in turn learning how to eat.

Uhm, you just put it in your mouth and chew sweetie, that's how you eat.  Nah, not so.  If you eat the right way, you can turn your body into a furnace that eats that adipose tissue like the candy that put it there in the first place!

I would not normally do this, but I can't believe I thought I was making progress before - this past month has been such a life-changing experience that I'm actually willing to show pre- and in-progress pictures:

Night before start of new nutrition plan

Yep... pretty nasty, I know.  This was taken a couple weeks after the Cincinnati Flying Pig half-marathon - back when I was feeling like I was losing weight with my eating-clean regimen on my own... but soon I realized I wouldn't be able to keep that up without some help in learning how to eat better.
This is the morning before the San Diego half-marathon.  I just happened to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and did a step back, rubbed the eyes, and perhaps I may have let out a giggle too.  I couldn't believe what I saw!

Two weeks into the program

This was just yesterday, after taking the week #4 measurements.  In just 3 weeks time I got rid of 1.3% body fat!  Removed 3.5 inches overall and 4 pounds off the scale!!

I'm just wondering, what will I look like in another 4 weeks?  Will I be embarrassed of these photos from yesterday?  Not sure, I'm happy right now and I plan to just keep on movin' forward.  I recently got on-line with a running coach (Justin Gillette) and I start the training program tomorrow!  I'm so excited about this opportunity!

I have more races to prepare for, more weight and body fat to get rid of before reaching my happy racing weight - and with Justin's help, I'm seriously hoping to improve my running to boot!

So stay tuned, this girl is on a mission and once us Libras commit to something - watch out!  ;)

Until the next check-in, just keep on running!
the BOMB,

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