Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rock n' Roll San Diego Half-Marathon: woo-hoo!

Okay, technically I did not match my time last year or set a PR for this course.  This was the second time I've run this half-marathon course and I was in a different stage of my fitness journey - so much has happened within a year!

2011 time: 02:01:13 (13.1 mi.)
2012 time: 02:02:53 (13.28 mi. according to my Garmin ;)

so.... one could argue that I ran extremely close to the same time but without knowing exactly how far I ran on the course in 2011, we'll just have to settle with this.

The main thing is that I took it more slowly out the start, focused on my pace and body mechanics regardless of those passing me - and so dearly wanting to sprint to beat down those annoying tiny runners that cut you off as if they didn't know they were doing it in the first place... there was actually one pace-runner (you know, the ones who wear a bib on their back in a different color that shows what pace they are leading the pack)... he ran right up along side me and then slightly ahead of me and voila, right in front of me and then seemed to slow down.  My legs were saying this was so - and my brain said, oh hell no, no you did not just do that... so I sprinted, and it felt awesome!  Which was good, b/c I had 2 miles to go and the fuse was lit - I felt like a caged lion that was clawing at the cage...

Keep the peace or out comes the beast!  Yeah, well, that happened - I started sprinting in 30 second intervals throughout the past two miles and you could almost feel the vibe with the other runners.  They caught on and there was a real race at that point - we did not acknowledge it, but we were racing each other b/c there was no way they were gonna let this tall chunky female beat their ass on the final 2 miles of the race!  No matter what!  Well, sorry to those that got their egos slightly deflated that day - and kudos to those that whipped my ass and helped me (unknownst to them) beat my personal expectations!

I learned more about myself on this race, just like every other run before it.  The more you enjoy other's progress and congratulate them - the more awesome the overall run feels to you.  You focus on your pace, your body's mechanics, this is true - but you also watch for other's struggles and be prepared to stop and help at the drop of a hat.  Do not be selfish, do not think negative thoughts of other's accomplishments,  be happy for them, and praise your God that you have been afforded yet another opportunity to do what you love.  Yes, love - why the heck else would we put ourselves through this?!?!  ;)

The run was injury free, I felt strong, and yes I do have room for improvement - which is great, b/c what else would I do with my life?  ;)

Until next time, just keep on running!

 a.k.a. the BOMB,

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