Saturday, April 14, 2012

#TwitterCharityRun and Training Run

#TwitterCharityRun - complete!  I only signed up to run 10 miles, but I also wanted to test myself and see if I have the capability to run those 1/2 Marys in May and June... as you can see, I'm not running the pace I need to make my 2 hour goal - so it looks like I will need to change corals at the start line... but I also think that I have the capability to complete the courses without stopping - and I'm happy about that!  Next phase - stay healthy and pick up the pace.

Training Run by amzpnc at Garmin Connect - Details

I ran for 'Compassion International' today, and specifically for Mutesi, the great young woman who I am sponsoring.  Hopefully I can send some pictures of the run to her with my next letter :)

This 'running as a hobby' thing takes more work than some people might imagine.  Every day, there are the questions; are you getting in your miles and enduarnce training you need, are you eating not only properly - but enough?  There's the discipline of physical therapy - if something isn't hurting, it's not on my mind to get to PT right away.  However, with this latest muscle challenge - it has definitely helped me to plan ahead with the PT just like I plan ahead with other aspects of my life.

See?  Running IS an analogy to life - people say it all the time - and I'm slowly learning more and more by what they mean exactly.

So planning ahead - it can get to you.  First weekend in June I need to be able to run a 1/2 Mary in [hopefully] 02:01:13 or less (that was my course time for last year).  The first weekend in May, I'll be running the 1/2 Mary in the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati, OH!  (My birth state).  Next weekend, I'm running in the TarHeel 10-Miler race in Chapel Hill, NC.  So, in between those the training runs need to be calculated and scheduled carefully in the work calendar.

Yes, work calendar - there's the 10+ hour/day job to weave into the mix.  Next weekend, 10 miles, following weekend (weekend before 1/2 Mary in Ohio) I should run an 8-10 mile route.  Then there are three weekends before the next 1/2 Mary in California (I take my vacations around my races, what - everyone does that, yes?)  Those 3 weekends will need to include one long run (12+) and two 8-10 milers.  Plus physical therapy appointments, and grocery shopping, house work, gardening, reading up on my new nutrition plan, finances, the list goes on.

Just like everyone elses list.  Yeah?

Left hammie, right piriformis and peroneus, DDD, work stress, blah blah blah.  We all have something we fight with on a constant basis... but I love to run and it keeps me moving.  Sure, pun intended, why not.  It's true though, the planning, the preparations, the training - it all leads up to those moments.  Like the blissful moments of zen I felt on today's run as the sun was rising, the breeze was flowing, I was pain-free, and my mind and soul were content.  Yeah, I live for those moments.

Until next time, just keep on training, keep on dreaming, keep on testing your limits.

Just keep on running,

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