Sunday, March 18, 2012

Beer Run_GSO 2012 by amzpnc at Garmin Connect - Details

I did it!  I ran the full course for the Beer Run_GSO 2012 and didn't stop once!  ...although I wanted to at a couple points - so it quickly became a mental race vs. a race for time.  A couple times I actually thought to myself 'come on, you want to be able to say you ran this course without stopping!'  [and here I am, able to honestly say I did!]

I find, that when you are running with a pain, it can be a challenge to enjoy the run itself, the participants around you, even the beautiful spring blossoms and weather (although it was 75 degrees in March - definitely hotter than any training session thus far in 2012!).  Once the race was run, the piriformis and peroneus muscles felt white hot (actually, they were on fire within the first mile) but my mind took full control and I couldn't stop running.  After I crossed that finish line, first things first - stop the Garmin!  Then I transitioned, from a run to a trot, then to a walk - and walk I did.  A couple blocks worth.  I needed to get away from the pack, I needed to distance myself and let the pain just take over (I wear my feeling on my sleeves and my pain in my face - it's not pretty).  I can't remember the last time the quads raged with such anger, when the calves popped and squealed with defeat, even the gracillus muscles were spitting nails at me.  So I stopped, I stooped, I stretched, and I collected myself.  You did it girl, you didn't quit.  You weren't well-prepared, but you didn't completely fail.  Good girl.

Of course, it was a 'Beer Run' so there was Natty Green's Buckshot and Wildflower to taste test!  The husband did his duty and drank my free drinks for me while I sucked down a  chunk of banana and a couple wedges of orange ...and 4 bottle of water.  When you run in weather 20 degrees higher than your typical run - it's amazing how the body adapts!  I became the human sponge for the afternoon - I'm definitely glad I brought my FuelBelt Sprint with me during the run!  Imagine if I hadn't!

Well, several ice packs later, a couple Ibuprofen, and several rounds of TPtherapy to the legs, I am already getting excited about the Human Race 5K in t-minus 12 days 19 hours and 40 minutes...!  Glutton for pain and punishment?  No, I just really love running for what it makes me - what I have learned about me, my capabilities, and my perceptions - which are constantly tested and expectations consistently blown beyond their boundaries.

Nothing is accomplished in a straight and narrow line, no one climbs a mountain in one step, but if you take one step at a time, you will eventually get there.  Until then, just keep on running.


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