Monday, March 12, 2012

"Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat." ~ Napolean Hill

Well said.

Sixteen days into this depressing ebb of no running, but my nemesis has a name, and I?  I - have a plan, and it's working.  By golly, it's working.  I'm one of those self-disciplining types, anoyingly persistent at that.  Perhaps that is something to carve on the tombstone someday.

Back to that opportunity - it's been a keen learning opportunity for me - and I'm even going to bite the bullet and force this stubborn body to start taking yoga class this week... stay tuned for those horror stories...

I digress, I'm writing this b/c I want to spread the wealth of information - no one, and I mean NO one should suffer this pain.  I know there are worse pains out there - I've dealt with some and pray I never come close to dealing with so many others.  So to that end I want to share what I've learned.  There are so many helpful articles on preventing and dealing with piriformis syndrome.  Running Times the magazine has a nice article on describing the pain and more importantly explaining the muscles involved.  For us physiologists, toxicologists, biologists and everyone who loves to not only learn, but understand the root of a problem - Cathy Fiesler did a sweet job.  Who knew it was the poor maintenance of inner thigh muscle flexibility causing the hip abductors to tighten and alter the gait and inflame the glute musculature?  The kinesiologists, that who!  I, who almost went to grad school for such a degree, did not - and what a useful bit of knowledge that would have been, say, three weeks - nay, over 12 years ago!

'Tis lunch time here in my world and I've got a hot date with my Trigger Point Therapy foam roller and yoga strap.  Hip abductors and adductors are about to got all excited and whipped up into a frenzy - which should make for an interesting afternoon of office meetings.  Tonight, some Jacob's ladder work, lunges, the sexy SLED press, oh - yes, I do have a healthy infatuation with my gym time.  My land of escape where no one can tell me what to do - that is unless, one of the kickin' PTs suggest a new exercise or enhanced form, I'm always game for their insight too :)

As always, be patient beginners, learn wisely you bull-headed kids (like me), find enjoyment in all that you do, and above all else, just keep on running (even if it's only in your dreams like mine right now ;)


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