Saturday, March 10, 2012

I mean endure, not 'injure'.

A fellow runner tweeted that quote earlier today and it couldn't have come at a better time.  I know I am bull-headed, I am persistent, I am self-disciplined, I am... stubborn.  When I am 'on a mission', there really is no reasoning with me, just ask the husband.  However, by [over] executing my favorite squat exercise just two weeks ago, I landed here - in the pit of piriformis fire.  I went too far, I bit off more than I could chew, I should not have put that extra 20 on before the wedged long bar squat and press.  I just love the overall workout that exercise gives you, and it's one of the few exercises that gets my HR up there like the circuit training does.

I'm that girl that goes for the sweat, not the style.  I don't expect to look cute out there, I aim for self-progress.  I focus on the form, not the insanely buff dudes (IBDs) lifting one squat rack over.  I imagine there are jokes said about me, but no one confronts me, no one tries to move me from the bench I'm on or the rack I'm using.  Have I earned respect on the gym floor?  I don't know about that, I just know I can lift heavier weights than I could before and that feels good.  Enkephalin-induced euphoria-good.

Of course, I say this and I haven't run in 2 weeks now... but today was my first day back in the gym after those said two weeks.  Yes, impatient.  I think we have established that much about me already.  No running, no jumping, just side lunges and step-ups, and reverse lunges and forward lunges and chiros and... some call it masochistic, I call it disciplined physical therapy.  I'm just glad I went, I'm glad I got my sweat on, I'm glad it's been two solid days without touching the bottle of ibuprofen, I'm glad I have my hope and runner's spirit still intact.

I'm also stoked that I have a therapy session in just over an hour.  Laugh at massage therapy all you want - it got me out of my funk last year and it will do so again.  'Well hold on, if you do this therapy, why the injury?'  Great question grasshopper - I haven't been since December 2011 and up until that time I had been going 2-3 times each month.  Three months without therapy (I 'got busy' with work - such a lame a// such a stupid excuse in retrospect) and bad form for one second - that's all it takes.  That's all it takes... the 'oh-no' second, faster than the nanosecond it turns out...

I'm getting there, the trigger point therapy and stretches and heating pads (oh, and I sat in the gym's sauna for 15:00 post-workout today: AWWWW-SOME!).  Slow but steady, roll often, stretch long, be hopeful this will soon pass, focus on the goals you want to achieve, and above all else (when you have the flexibility back): just keep on running.

Next weekend - the 5 mile beer run!  Let's do this!!

Be positive,

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